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Honeycomb Packing Paper   40cm x 9M


Sustainable cushioning: Ranpak NatureWrap offers eco-friendly protection for your shipments in a compact 40cm x 9M size.


Perfect for your wrapping needs in a home or small business environment, Nature Wrap combines an anti-abrasion inner leaf with the classic Geami honeycomb paper. The inner leaf protects delicate products from getting scratched during handling and shipping while the outer layer of honeycomb packing paper provides superior cushioning, and prevents breakable items from clinging each other and movements in the box during transportation. The cells also interlock each other, so there is no need for tape. Simply tuck open ends instead.


  • Quick and simple to use. Use as much or as little as you need to get the job done.
  • Made completely from paper, Ready Roll is organic, acid free and non-toxic, and curbside recyclable anywhere.
  • Ready Roll® is easy to recycle when no longer useful. Place it in your paper recycling bin along with other household paper waste and is 100% biodegradable

  • Keep your favorite items safe by wrapping them in Nature wrap. The layered paper isn’t abrasive against delicate finishes and is acid free to avoid damage.

  • Nature Wrap tears easily by hand – no need for scissors. The honeycomb cells lock together so you don’t need tape!

Geami Nature Wrap

SKU: geamiwrap05

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