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As an environmentally-friendly, Earth-conscious company, we only manufacture; source and sell packaging which can either be reused, composted or readily recycled. 

Despite there being an influx of plastics entering the packaging marketplace which companies tout as being biodegradable, we made the decision not to sell these because the claims that they degrade into harmless residues just aren't true. Neither are the claims that these types of "eco" plastics will fully degrade in a matter of months.

Currently, there is no such thing as biodegradable plastic.

A significant body of evidence has recently revealed that oxo-degradable plastic packaging - such as "biodegradable" carrier bags and bubble wrap - are not, in fact, biodegradable at all. Requiring timescales often far in excess of those claimed by their manufacturers, these types of "eco-friendly" packaging simply fragment into microplastics - small plastic pieces less than five millimetres long - that are harmful to our oceans and our soils. 

Furthermore, these types of "environmentally-safe" plastic packaging products - some of which rely on organic and artificial chemical additives to break down - cannot be reused, recycled or composted. 

Oxo-degradable plastic packaging is not a solution to soil or marine pollution - on the contrary, it contributes to microplastic pollution and poses an environmental risk.

This is why we've decided not to source or sell "biodegradable" plastic packaging; oxo-degradable plastic goes against what we stand for and those of our circular economy: they actually increase waste and pollution and does not allow materials and products to be kept in high-value use.

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