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Compostible mailing bags in packs of 5's and 10's. Sizes are 230X325mm A4 (black), 300X420mm large (Green) and 400X540mm(White/Grey)


  • Thickness: 50 micron (200 gauge)
  • Biodegradable and conforms to EN13432 - the European compostability standard
  • Made from a compostable polymer blend with a minimum 30% renewable content share.
  • Bag designed to disintegrate in an industrial composting unit within 12 weeks (biodegrades in six months).
  • Can also be composted at home, but process will take longer.
  • Printed leaf logo to show green credentials, alongside message: 'Compostable - For a better world.
  • Fold-down seal lip printed with sender address box, disposal instructions and suffocation warning notice.

Compostable Mailing Bag

PriceFrom £2.60