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๐Ÿƒ 2.54 ftยณ of compostable packing peanuts in Blue colour Packaged in a medium-sized recyclable box (450 x 320 x 500 mm).Food colouring used to colour the starch.


๐Ÿƒ Starch-based, our environmentally friendly packing chips are made from GM-free corn starch; a natural and sustainable raw material


๐Ÿƒ Vegan-friendly; our loose fill alternative is free from animal products. And speaking of animals, contrary to popular belief, eco friendly packing peanuts don't encourage rodents


๐Ÿƒ Low impact on our planet; our biodegradable void fill can be reused, effortlessly composted or conveniently dissolved in water


๐Ÿƒ Made in the UK in a low energy, single stage production process; our compostable loose fill helps save resources; reduces waste, saves energy and cuts down on import miles and carbon footprints, all while supporting British jobs


๐Ÿƒ Abrasion resistant, and non-toxic, our biodegradable packing chips provide outstanding product protection. In fact, independent tests by Brunel University and the University of Humberside show that our packing peanuts provide better product migration and impact protection than ordinary polystyrene packing chips do!


๐Ÿƒ Compliant with strict EU composting standards, our eco friendly void fill is EN13432-certified


๐Ÿƒ Economically worthwhile


๐Ÿƒ Please note that all our outer packaging can be reused, recycled or composted


๐Ÿƒ Please also note that this product will settle in the box after arrival

Compostable Void Fill Blue Colour (Medium Box)

SKU: Bluebio02
  • People are often apprehensive about storing items or shipping parcels on a budget. The common consensus being that when you decrease how much you invest in protective packaging, concern over product protection and whether you're being environmentally-responsible enough, increases two-fold. But because we believe that no-one should ever have to deal with this kind of stress and that no-one should ever have to compromise on or choose between postage or storage costs, item security and being Earth-conscious, we bring to you our biodegradable packing peanuts. Resource-saving, waste-reducing, eco-elegant and economical, you can have it all with our eco friendly void fill chips, because:


    • Our compostable packing chips are made right here in the UK from GM-free corn starch; an organic, sustainable and vegan-friendly resource


    • Our environmentally friendly void fill emits fewer greenhouse gases during its manufacturing process than ordinary polystyrene peanuts, and to help protect our atmosphere further, we only ever use steam as our blowing agent - not pentane gas


    • Our loose fill packaging is 100 per cent com