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5 Reasons to Choose Eco Packaging Solutions this Halloween

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Nowadays, creeping it real when it comes to being Earth-conscious can be an absolute nightmare. With "green-washing" becoming more prevalent and with the recent and rather ominous revelations that 'biodegradable' products aren't all they promised to be and that, on the whole, UK waste management facilities aren't equipped to dispose of compostable packaging correctly, finding ethical suppliers of bone-a-fide eco-friendly packaging can get so frustrating we'd forgive you if you started to believe that good-for-the-Earth packaging is pure hocus-pocus; that it's all just witch-ful thinking...

Traversing the mire of misinformation about eco-friendly packaging can be so frightful it's enough to drive you batty!

But they're not pumpkin pie in the sky pipe dreams; environmentally-conscious packaging does exist - as do genuine, ethical and trustworthy eco-friendly packaging companies and compostable packaging manufacturers. It's just with so many "green-collared" eCommerce shops and businesses to choose from now, how do you go about investing in compostable packaging solutions and other forms of eco-friendly packaging in the UK safely and hassle-free? Because, let's face it, trying to avoid fly-by-night businesses and uninformed purveyors of "eco-friendly" packaging (which turn out to be no more than Frankenstein monsters in disguise) can, just like vampires, be a real pain in the neck.

Luckily, here at Eco Packaging Solutions, we're one of the few credible planet-friendly packaging companies out there, so now that you've found us, make sure you bookmark our page so you don't lose us! With a reputation built on 17 years' experience of manufacturing and sourcing high-quality, eco-conscious packaging coupled with a lifetime's passion for being environmentally-responsible and a dedication for delivering outstanding customer service, unlike those who dress up at Halloween, with us, what you see is always what you get - a fair, ethical and eco-friendly shopping experience!

So, if you're in need of packaging this Halloween (or if you're looking for cardboard boxes you can get crafty with so you can create spine-chillingly good props and spooky All Hallows Eve decorations) shop now! Or to find out more about why you should choose us for all your fully compostable packaging needs at any time of the year, continue reading below... unless you're too scared to!

1. We're Credible & Trustworthy

We've been an independent, eco-friendly packaging specialist since 2002... and we're still going strong!

For nearly twenty years we've been an independent compostable packaging specialist, helping people to package more Earth-consciously and helping them to think global; act local since 2002. Being a business who puts our planet first, we only deal with 100 per cent compostable, all-natural packaging and nothing else, crafting many of the eco-friendly items we sell ourselves right here in South Wales. But for any of the compostable packaging solutions we can't manufacture, we work closely with other British artisans and companies who do; so long as they share the same eco-conscious principles and the same ethical values that we live by.

We're completely batty about boxes, like mummies we've got a taste for wrapping and like marionettes we've got a thing about string... it's got to be organic, mind!

Even though we're all about Mother Nature, we're also a business that's all about making their customers feel happy and valued, which is why we always go out of our way to provide an excellent personalised service. It's also why we always endeavour to keep our prices low; if we can help it, no-one has to sacrifice quality or pay through the nose to package responsibly anymore.

Make no bones about it, we're a big, green-hearted company who cares about what we do, the service we provide and the products we sell. After all, with this passion and by working together, we can all help save the planet one sale at a time.

2. All Our Products are Genuinely Eco-friendly

Everything we manufacture or source is 100 per cent home compostable and made in part from recycled materials and in part from British grown, renewable resources on land unfit for farming

All of our products, from our cardboard boxes to our caddy liners, from our packing peanuts to our paper bags are made in part from recycled materials and in part from organic, GM-free, British grown, FSC-accredited renewable resources on land that would have otherwise gone to rack and ruin purely because it's unsuitable for growing agricultural crops. And because the materials we use to craft our packaging products are all-natural (including our glues and inks), they can effortlessly be composted with food waste recycling or at home in a compost heap.

This includes the Bags4Caddies kitchen caddy bin bags we sell as they're all starch-based, plasticiser-free and to verify their authenticity, they've been independently certified fully compostable (EN13432-certified) by internationally recognised inspection and certification organisations; OK Compost, Din Certco and the UK Compost Association.

3. We Try to Have as Low an Impact on the Environment as Possible in Whatever We're Doing

Whether at home or at work, our shared passion for helping the environment combined with our dedication to living eco-friendly lifestyles drives us all to be more environmentally-conscious

As an environmentally-responsible compostable packaging manufacturer, we're aware that even the smallest of changes can make a big difference. Which is why we always try to make as low an impact on our planet as possible whenever we produce our compostable packaging. However, our dedication to looking after our planet isn't just restricted to our production processes, we also endorse our environmentally-responsible ethos and our passion for reconnecting to the natural world right across our supply chains. It's even in our daily lives; from the ways we commute to work to the ways we all do our jobs and the ways we all live our lives.

By acting on our passions for helping the environment and by following stringent waste-reducing, energy-saving and pollution-diminishing procedures, we continue to do our part to reduce carbon footprints and import miles while promoting sustainability and safeguarding the environment.

For example, our fully compostable (and conveniently dissolvable) packing peanuts are made right here in the UK in a low-energy, single stage production process. A process which emits fewer greenhouse gases than what are exuded during the manufacturing process of ordinary polystyrene packing chips. And, to help protect our atmosphere even further, we only ever use steam as our blowing agent to puff up our peanuts, not pentane gas.

4. We're all About Superior British Craftsmanship

Whether our eco-friendly products are made by us or whether we source them from other eco-minded companies, quality is always paramount

We have been carefully crafting and developing fully compostable packaging for nearly two decades now. By following a rigorous ISO9001:2015 quality management system and by continually seeking to improve the effectiveness of our business, you could say that it's our commitment to quality and our dedication to the environment that makes us an industry leader of eco-friendly packaging solutions. But it's not just about the quality of our products, it's about the quality of the customer service we provide too.

Always providing a top-notch service, you'll never have to wait several days for a response to your emails, neither will you have to wait for ages on the phone to talk to someone about your eco-packaging needs. What you'll also find is that every member of our team is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and passionate, not just about being environmentally-friendly but also about branding, trying to save you money and finding solutions to all your packaging problems.

But, we realise that there are some packaging problems which we can't fix on our own. There are other leading-edge manufacturers and artisans out there who are industry leaders in their respective specialist fields, which is why, rather than competing with them, we work closely with them: so that we can champion the UK's manufacturing industry and provide our customers with plenty of product choice and peace of mind that said products are 100 per cent planet-friendly and 100 per cent compostable.

For those good-for-the-planet items we can't craft, we work closely with and champion other Great British brands and manufacturers who do. In fact, it's a policy of ours to only work with other artisans and companies who fit our goal of promoting environmentally-responsible, ethical shopping: shopping which supports local economies, advocates Great British values, reduces our country's carbon footprint and helps protect our wildlife and wild spaces. 

As Eco Packaging Solutions only crafts the best and only works with the best, our customers are guaranteed the best. Before a product is allowed to be listed, whether we make it ourselves or we source it from a supplier, we put it through a series of strict internal tests and assessments regarding its quality, aesthetics, functionality, value for money and eco-credentials. This meticulous elimination process allows us to craft and source the best eco-friendly packaging in the UK and allows us to pass on as many savings as we can to our customers.

5. We Like to Give our Customers Plenty of Choice

With our eco-friendly packaging, if we don't stock what you need, we can make it for you. And if we can't, we can certainly source an alternative solution; one which meets your needs

At Eco Packaging Solutions, we stock a wide variety of environmentally-friendly packaging products; a range which we are always looking to expand to meet the ever-changing and growing needs of our customers.

As well as providing a cost-effective and hassle-free way of ordering fully compostable packaging, we also provide a bespoke packaging and custom printing service for labels and packing tape. So, if our clients can't find the particular type of cardboard box they're looking for; not a problem, we have the talent and the tech to make completely bespoke compostable cardboard packaging, even if it's just for a one-off box. The same can be said for our other products; if a customer doesn't think a specific type of kitchen caddy liner will meet their food waste recycling requirements, we can source an alternative eco-friendly solution for them.

So, this Halloween, if you're looking for fully compostable, eco-friendly packaging, you've come to the right place! From cardboard boxes (which you could even use as props or decorations for All Hallows Eve parties and events) to eco tape and compostable mailer bags, make sure you get your creep on with our eerily exceptional eco packaging products.

Give 'em pumpkin to talk about!

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