Small Boxes for Gifts

Small Postage / Gift Boxes - Pack of 5 - Various Colours


๐Ÿƒ Pack of 5 small cardboard boxes for posting, product presentation or gift giving. Choose either white, black, red or Kraft


๐Ÿƒ Dimensions: 9 x 7.5 x 3.5" (228 x 190 x 89 mm)


๐Ÿƒ Supplied flat ~ easy to assemble


๐Ÿƒ Our small cardboard boxes are made from all-natural, renewable and part-recycled resources. They're also free from animal products so are vegan-friendly as well as eco-friendly


๐Ÿƒ Low-impact on our planet; our small parcel boxes can be effortlessly reused, repurposed, composted or recycled


๐Ÿƒ Made by us right here in the UK; our environmentally-friendly small boxes reduce import miles and carbon footprints while supporting British jobs


๐Ÿƒ Multi-functional; our small cardboard packing boxes can be sent out via Royal Mail as small parcels. They also make for handy, unique and mesmerising product cases; small gift boxes, small cardboard boxes for crafts and small boxes for storage


๐Ÿƒ Reliably robust and dependably hard-wearing; our cardboard boxes (small parcel-sized) offer outstanding product protection and are difficult to tamper with


๐Ÿƒ If you're using our small packing boxes to either post items or store personal effects, then stay environmentally friendly when securing your parcels by using our Eco Tape.


๐Ÿƒ Economically worthwhile


๐ŸƒPlease note that all our outer packaging can be re-used, re-purposed, composted or recycled

  • Why Choose our Small Postage Boxes

    When sending people gifts, products or items, wouldn't it make a delightful change to be able to post out all those wonderful objects in boxes that aren't incredibly dreary or completely unforgettable? Not to mention, how great would it feel knowing that those bright, captivating boxes you've invested in aren't just eye-catching and memorable, they're also conveniently sized so they can be sent via Royal Mail as small parcels, therefore saving you money while giving off a fantastic first impression? Well now you don't have to imagine because you can get all those feels with our small mailing boxes and you'll love them, because:


    • All our small postal boxes are made right here in the UK, by us by hand from part-recycled paper and organic, all-natural raw materials cultivated from FSC-accredited renewable sources


    • Our eco-friendly posting solutions break down easily in recycling plants or compost heaps


    • Non-toxic and naturally derived, our waste-reducing small boxes for posting are also 100 per cent compostable. Once they can no longer be reused or repurposed, simply place in your recycling bin or put in a compost heap


    • Designed emphatically with long-lasting first impressions in mind, our striking statement boxes are also ideal for presenting gifts and products in


    • Our small shipping boxes have also been fashioned for pure postal convenience; a doddle to construct and dependably durable, they can hold and protect items up to 2 kg and can be sent out via Royal Mail as small parcels; therefore reducing your postal costs


    • If these small boxes aren't quite right for you, then check out our entire collection of red, black, Kraft and white boxes, here. Weโ€™re sure youโ€™ll find something in that collection which will meet your needs!


    • Looking for different box quantities or something completely bespoke? Drop us a line and weโ€™ll get back in touch within 24 hours with a free, no-obligation packaging quote.
  • Colour Inspiration

    Why White?

    In our contemporary world, colour is king. With so much colour; with so many splashy shades and flashy hues, how can you stand out from the crowd? By stripping down and going back to basics with small white cardboard boxes, that's how! Striking and bombastic in an elegantly restrained, Hygge-inspired way, this complex tone cools the colourful chaos around us while rousing a reassuring sense of perfection and indulgence within. A naturally bright, scintillating colour, white's brightness is a beacon that'll get your items, gifts and products noticed while influencing people to add more value to their gifts or purchases.


    For these reasons, our small white boxes are perfect for presenting gifts in - or for using as props or decorations - at baptisms; weddings, Christenings, as well as winter-themed parties, Champagne-inspired bridal dinners, St. Tropez-influenced galas, LGBTQ+ "White Parties and "Starting with a Clean Slate" divorce cocktail parties.


    Lightly wash with raspberry-pink paint, red ribbons and hessian for a "Strawberries and Cream" vegan coffee klatch, decorate with autumnal foliage and fill with faux white pumpkins, pears and pinecones for a Fall-inspired table centrepiece or remove the lids, adorn with fairy lights or battery-powered candles and string together with lace or cotton to create an interactive garland where items that evoke happy memories can be showcased for someone's milestone birthday.


    Why Red?

    Red is a colour which people associate with raw magnetism and intense emotions. A truly influential colour, red rouses us; it elevates both our heart and respiration rates forcing us to stop, take notice and feel excited and energised. A compelling colour which motivates us to act, red reminds us of passion, desire and ambition and influences us to believe that anything packaged in red is more valuable, attractive or enticing than we originally thought. So, if you want people to buy more of your products or if you want the birthday VIP to choose your gifts as their absolute favourites, package them in our small red cardboard boxes; they'll help your merchandise or presents stand out in the crowd.


    Our small red boxes are also ideal at celebrating red-themed public holidays like Valentine's day or for raising awareness for charities like Comic Relief. They also make for the perfect statement gift box - and are so versatile that can also be used as props or decorations - for weddings and parties where the colour scheme is red. They'd even look amazing at Hollywood "Walk of Fame"-inspired work galas; opulent and sensual Arabian Night-themed soirees and bold and sumptuous Cinco de Mayo-infused backyard fiestas.


    String together and hang as an interactive Advent Calendar garland (where party guests can open the lids and retrieve Christmas-inspired favours inside), splash with an array of bright, bold colours, fill with sweets and use as a homemade piรฑata, decorate with gingham fabric or white polka dots for a "Little Red Riding Hood" child's birthday party or paint with thick white stripes and fill with popcorn or sweets for an extravagant "Greatest Showman"-inspired circus carousel.


    Why Black?

    Sumptuous, stylish and powerfully influential; black is a strong, glamorous colour that oozes with grandeur, sophistication and indulgence, so much so it's truly unforgettable, timeless hue. With its beguiling aura of savoir-faire, the colour black is a polished, silken shade that never fails to make a first-class impression. Bold, sensational and eye-catching, our small black cardboard boxes gleam with excitement, mystery and enduring class; they have the prestige and authority to get your gifts or products noticed.


    Perfect at presenting gifts in, our polished small black boxes are also great for showcasing products in and can even be used as props and decorations for a cornucopia of events. For instance, they'll definitely stand out from the crowd at sensual and exciting, horror-fuelled "Come to the Dark Side" Halloween socials; Dia de Los Muertos-themed birthdays, "Great Gatsby"-inspired galas and audacious black tie and black dress "Heart Breakers" cocktail soirees for singletons.


    Embellish with multicoloured neon or UV paints for a spectacular "Glow in the Dark" party; adorn with purple or turquoise coloured ostrich feathers and pearls for a lavish masquerade ball or sprinkle with glitter and drape in velvet for a "Black Magic"-inspired shindig.


    Why Kraft?

    Natural, wholesome and refined in its earthy, rustic tones, the colour brown radiates with a genteel and reassuring warmth. Synonymous with wholeheartedness and trustworthiness, brown is a rich, organic colour that represents life and growth. Nurturing and energising, the colour brown not only sways us with its magnetism to feel content and comfortable with a product or gift, it also exemplifies the spirit of eco-elegance; making us feel more connected to the Earth and nature. Therefore, our small Kraft cardboard boxes are the preferred packaging choice of Earth-conscious companies; artisans, caterers, crafters, vintage lovers and provincial-inspired shops.


    As well as making enduringly charming product cases, our convenient small Kraft boxes also work wonders as props or decorations - or for presenting gifts in - at autumnal fetes; "Cowpoke"-inspired barnyard weddings, sweet, indulgent and sumptuous chocolate-themed birthdays, steam punk-infused banquets or extravagant and exotic Mongolian themed receptions.


    Cover in bookshelf patterned wallpaper or brown leather, deep button tufting and a nailhead trim for a dark and opulent book club get-together, adorn with lace, jute and pearls for a pastoral-inspired high tea or decorate with palm leaves or bamboo (or transform into a treasure chest and fill with chocolate coins) for a loud and colourful Caribbean-themed birthday party.

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