Small White Cardboard Boxes

Small Gift Hamper Boxes - Pack of 50


๐Ÿƒ Pack of 50 small cardboard gift boxes; choose either white, black, red or Kraft


๐Ÿƒ Dimensions: 9 x 7.5 x 3.5" (228 x 190 x 89 mm)


๐Ÿƒ Supplied flat ~ easy to assemble


๐Ÿƒ Our small boxes for gifts / small postal boxes are reversible; choose to have either a bright, bold colour on the outside or a charming and natural, rustic-inspired Kraft brown instead


๐Ÿƒ Our small gift boxes are made from organic, renewable and recyclable resources from FSC-accredited sources. They're also free from animal products so are vegan-friendly as well as environmentally-friendly


๐Ÿƒ Low-impact on our planet; our small cardboard boxes for gifts can effortlessly be reused, repurposed, composted or recycled


๐Ÿƒ Made in the UK; our environmentally-friendly small cardboard boxes reduce import miles and carbon footprints while supporting British jobs 


๐Ÿƒ Multi-functional; our small gift packaging boxes can be sent via Royal Mail as small parcels. They also make for convenient small packing boxes; handy small boxes for storage, and useful small cardboard boxes for crafts


๐Ÿƒ Reliably strong and dependably durable; our small parcel boxes offer outstanding product protection and are difficult to tamper with 


๐Ÿƒ If you're using our small boxes for posting products, gifts or items; then stay environmentally friendly by securing your parcels with our Eco Tape (we can even personalise the rolls of tape for you; just get in touch with your design ideas and we'll send you a free, no-obligation quote within 24 hours!)


๐Ÿƒ Economically worthwhile


๐ŸƒPlease note that all our outer packaging can be re-used, re-purposed, composted or recycled

  • Why Choose our Small Gift Hamper Boxes?

    At Eco Packaging Solutions, we understand that packing products and presenting gifts can sometimes be frustrating; usually with more questions than answers.
    "I need to keep my postage costs down; I wonder if these boxes will pass as small parcels?" 
    "Are these boxes strong and sturdy enough to keep my items safe?" 
    "Am I being environmentally friendly enough?" 
    Argh, who knows?!!!

    But now, thanks to our small gift boxes / small boxes for shipping, you'll never have to face anymore meltdown-inducing packaging conundrums ever again, because:



    • All our small cardboard packing boxes are made right here in the UK, by us, from recycled paper; a natural and sustainable resource


    • Our eco-friendly small mailing boxes break down easily in the recycling process


    • Chemical-free, our small packing boxes for shipping are also 100 per cent biodegradable and completely compostable. Once they can no longer be reused or repurposed, simply pop in your recycling bin or place in your compost heap
    • Expressly designed to make long-lasting and positive first impressions, our striking statement boxes are ideal for presenting gifts in


    • Our small boxes have also been specially crafted for pure postal convenience; they're easy to build, can hold and protect items up to 2 kg and can be sent out via Royal Mail as small parcels


    • If you donโ€™t think these small shipping boxes are right for you, then check out our entire collection of red, black, Kraft and white boxes, here. Weโ€™re sure youโ€™ll find something there to meet your needs!


    • Looking for different box quantities or something completely bespoke? Send us a message and weโ€™ll get back in touch within 24 hours with a free, no-obligation packaging quote!

  • Colour Inspiration

    Why White?


    In a chaotically sensational world where bold, eye-catching aesthetics seem to incessantly pound our senses, white packaging has become synonymous with minimalist flair. Natural; clean, calm and refreshingly conservative, the colour white still makes a striking statement but in a modest, chic and classical way. Symbolising balance, purity, serenity, quality, simplicity and functionality, white radiates with a humble elegance; an unassuming opulence and a reassuring, heartening glow. This influences us to add more value to items packaged in this colour, therefore, making this hue a popular packaging choice for luxe boutiques; Hygge-inspired businesses, spiritual entrepreneurs, wedding photographers and pรขtissiรจres.


    Our small white cardboard boxes would also make for the perfect props and dazzling gift boxes at LGBTQ+ White Parties; Heavenly-inspired Halloween banquets, glitzy "Frost Yourself" diamond-infused dos, baroque Snowflake balls, Parisian-themed cocktail parties and 'Feel Good, Look Good' Spa soirees.

    Decorate with pink polka dots and lacy frills for a frou-frou-inspired High Tea or bedeck with blue or red stripes for celebrating Nautical-themed nuptials. 


    Why Red?


    Powerful; energising, stimulating and heartening, the colour red has a profound influence on people. Bold, lustrous and radiating lavishness and luxury, red increases our respiration rate, increases our metabolism and raises our blood pressure so we can't help but stop; take notice and feel excited when we see this shade. Red also raises a product's desirability; when we see packaging in this shade we intuitively find the product more appealing and we instinctively add more value to it.  


    As well as making memorable and influential product boxes, our small red cardboard boxes would look amazing as props or gift boxes for red-themed public holidays (like Valentine's or Christmas); for raising money or awareness for charities like Comic Relief, the Salvation Army or the British Heart Foundation, or for colourful Hawaiian Luaus; patriotic Great British barbecues or extravagant burlesque affairs.

    Adorn with white stripes and flashes of gold for a Greatest Showman-inspired carnival; drape with black webbing for a Spiderman-themed birthday bash, or paint with white polka dots and embellish with a yellow bow for a Minnie Mouse-inspired party.


    Why Black?


    Black is a rich, authoritative and memorable colour that oozes mystique; dynamism, strength and splendour. It invokes an aura of sleek and seductive sophistication; ideal for those wanting to make a first-class impression or wanting to mesmerize their recipients with a box that promises intricacy and mystery. Bursting with extravagant sumptuousness, our small black cardboard boxes are the ideal packaging solution for anyone wanting to send out exclusive, high-end artisanal products in premium quality packaging; packaging thatโ€™s resplendent, chic, classy, and commanding. 


    Powerfully seductive and effectively eye-catching, our small boxes in black are also perfect for getting your gifts noticed at decadent 16th Century-inspired Gothic functions; opulent Masquerade balls, Dia de Los Muertos-themed Halloween parties, 1920s-infused Great Gatsby cocktail soirees or elegant 'Flappers, Sheiks & Clubmen' garden socials.

    Decorate with luminous paints for a Glow in the Dark Neon party or paint with yellow zigzags for a Charlie Brown-inspired birthday. 


    Why Kraft?


    Solid, earthy, natural and wholesome, our small Kraft cardboard boxes radiate with a reassuring familiarity and homely, folksy charm. An appealing colour thanks to it engendering down-to-earth, nurturing and comforting feelings, brown is a popular packaging choice for those who wish to reflect their honesty; sincerity, trustworthiness and hardworking natures, not to mention their love for our planet. After all, nothing says eco-friendly better than Kraft paper. 

    Quietly confident; unobtrusively striking and humbly sophisticated, the colour brown imbues items and products packaged within it a heightened sense of quality, functionality, convenience and frugality. This is why so many artisans; family-friendly businesses, up-cyclers, shabby chic-inspired shops and eco-friendly companies love the colour brown. 

    Our small Kraft boxes would also make the perfect props and unforgettable gift cases for Indiana Jones-inspired fancy dress parties;  provincial, country cottage-infused cocktail luncheons, nature-themed engagement receptions, "Wild and Free" hippie shindigs and boho-inspired Glamping adventures.

    Embellish with the Leaves of Lorien for a Lord of the Rings-themed social, speckle with sequins and glitter for a colourful Bonfire Bonanza or adorn with plumerias, Hawaiian hibiscus and tiki totems for a spiritual Kahuna Lunar event!

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