A pack of 25 Small, Single Wall Die Cut Boxes; perfect for gifts and shipping

  • Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 2"  (92 x 92 x 45 mm) 
  • Supplied flat and easy to assemble
  • Strong and sturdy; great for posting and storing items
  • Aesthetically pleasing; our coloured cases make for great gift boxes
  • Re-usable, re-purposeful, recyclable and compostable cardboard boxes
  • Economically worthwhile
  • Please note that all our outer packaging can be re-used or recycled

Small Single Wall Die Cut Boxes – Pack of 25 – Various Colours

  • When it comes to posting products, storing items and wrapping gifts, it can feel like you’ve always got to be box clever. After all, trying to outwit the Postie, being environmentally-conscious and endeavouring to keep your giftees guessing is hard work!  Not to mention exasperating and costly! But now you can breathe a sigh of relief as we’ve got a simple and affordable solution for all your compact packaging requirements; our Small Boxes.


    Despite their diminutive stature, our small boxes – which we manufacture in Wales, by hand – are strong, sturdy, adaptable and incredibly eco-friendly.


    Die cut and made from first-class recycled materials, our top-notch, lustrous single wall cases are both stylish and brimming with substance! Offering great product security (especially when the items are wrapped in eco-friendly bubble or are surrounded by biodegradable peanuts), they can be sent out by Royal Mail as a small parcel or can be utilised as the perfect reusable gift box.


    Supplied flat, our modest small boxes are quick and simple to assemble and for all the crafters out there, they’re super easy to work with too. But what if you don’t want a glossy sheen on the outside? Don’t worry; we’ve made it so the outsides of our cases are interchangeable. So, if you don’t fancy shipping your products out in a bright, bold, tulip-red case, just assemble them so the homey and pastoral Kraft card is on the outside instead!


    Whichever way you choose to construct them, by investing in our boxes you can rest assured your gifts, products and items are going to be kept safe, your postage costs are going to be kept low and you’re going to be doing your part to keep our planet clean and healthy.

  • Why White?


    In a chaotically sensational world where bold, eye-catching aesthetics incessantly pound the senses, white packaging has become synonymous with minimalist flair. Clean, calm and refreshingly conservative, the colour white still makes a striking statement but in a modest, classical, almost Spartan way, giving those who use white boxes an edge over their competitors.


    Symbolising balance, cleanliness, serenity and new beginnings, white is also the perfect colour to use a blank canvas or backdrop for branding and bespoke customisation.


    Why Red?


    Our red boxes are perfect for making a great first impression. Bold and with a lustrous sheen, they radiate lavishness and opulence, never failing to attract attention or to rouse excitement. This makes them the perfect packaging for sending out gifts or products around themed holidays like Valentine’s Day or Christmas.


    They’re also great for posting out sale items (because red symbolises a bargain!), raising awareness for charity events like Red Nose Day or for presenting gifts to brides and grooms who’ve chosen red as their wedding’s colour scheme. 


    Or how's about using our small red boxes as goody bags for a Spanish-themed Flamenco night or as the ideal gift boxes (combined with our small black gift boxes) for someone celebrating a luxurious and sensual Gothic-inspired birthday? 


    Why Black?


    Black is a rich, memorable colour that just drips and oozes with mystique; power, strength and splendour. It invokes an aura of sleek and seductive sophistication; ideal for those wanting to make a first-class impression or wanting to mesmerize their recipients with a box that promises intricacy and mystery. 


    Bursting with extravagant sumptuousness, our small black gift boxes are the ideal packaging solution for anyone wanting to send out exclusive, high-end artisanal products in premium quality packaging; packaging that’s resplendent, chic, classy, and commanding. 


    Powerfully seductive, our black mailing boxes really are perfect for getting your gifts and products noticed. They're even superb for celebrating holidays like Halloween; for promoting Black Friday offers and are the perfect goody bags for extravagant corporate galas. You could even use them for presenting gifts at Art Deco or Dia de los Muertos-themed parties!


    Why Kraft?


    Our Kraft boxes are a popular choice; their timeless, understated elegance never fails to charm. Associated with everything vintage and rustic, these shabby chic mailing boxes are perfect for any occassion.


    They’re also great for eco-minded folk and environmentally-friendly companies to send their products out in as nothing says “we cherish our planet” more than Kraft paper.

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